Posted by: Maija 10/16/2013 5:37:17 AM

 photo a3304936340_10_zpsedfcb7b8.jpg
Night Birds hail from the Jersey Shore and are one in a handful of bands that may or may not be bringing back Myspace- so cred for that. They recently released Born to Die in Suburbia via Grave Mistake and have just come off of a long tour with bands such as ZERO BOYS, Wet Witch, and a brief stint with legendary hunks Modern Life is War.

Night Birds will be playing this Friday and Saturday as a part of CMJ at the Music Hall of Williamsburg alongside Good Riddance and Western Addiction and will also be performing on the Rocks Off Cruise Ship! So if your not standing in a never-ending line to try to get into the Arcade Fire shows, hang out with Night Birds on a boat!

 photo 4768-nightbirds_zpsb6741dca.jpg
 photo l_dcafba5ea6c5481d8ecb9109bb033e43_zpsb20bc36f.jpg

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Posted by: Jansen 10/11/2013 9:12:47 AM
Viva continues its worldwide takeover with yet another new overseas contributor. Please welcome Célio Strapazzolli, a Brazilian living in Portugal, channelling homesickness into sweet, sweet music for you all to enjoy. We sat down together, a couple thousand miles apart, via e-mail, and chatted to get to know each other. Educate yourself!

You've got a passion for Brazilian music but you live in Europe. How do you usually stumble upon undiscovered Brazilian stuff there?
When I moved to Portugal back in 2006, I was improving my passion for the rich sounds of my country. I wasn't into MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), but rather electronic music like micro house of the late 90's/early 2000's. In Portugal, I felt that peculiar melancholy one feels when far from home, so I decided to dive into Brazilian music in order to ease that feeling, but it just got worse, haha. People from Portugal love everything from Brazil, especially its music. So it's not hard to find new stuff from Brazil here. You can also find rare CD's and vinyls in any flea market you go. Anyway, I am always attentive to new artists, releases and news from many record labels such as Mr. Bongo or Far Out Recordings, and Dj's like Gilles Peterson.

How's the current music scene in Brazil and Portugal? Anything special you want to recommend Viva listeners?
I think we're through a very poor musical moment worldwide—Brazil and Portugal are no exceptions. All that brightness from 50's, 60's, 70's (which introduced us to musical and artistic movements such as Bossa Nova, Clube da Esquina and Tropicalia) just got lost in time. In Brazil there is a new movement (not so new, it's from the early 2000's but now it's trendy) called Tecnobrega: the style mixes electronic music with traditional popular genres (carimbó, lundu, calypso etc). Here in Portugal there is a new generation of Fado singers trying to refresh the scene. Both examples are not my kind of stuff, but I have to say they have their merit.

Given the climate of the country, when I usually think of Brazilian music I think of summer. Do you have any Brazilian songs that sound especially enjoyable in the winter?
I'm used to saying Bossa Nova is for sunny days. For winter time, I think Clube da Esquina is perfect. It's beautifully nostalgic, sometimes melancholic, yet bright. Milton Nascimento was one of the leaders of Clube da Esquina and his music has extremely great arrangements. Elis Regina once said: 'If God had a voice, he would sing like Milton Nascimento". I can suggest a short nostalgic playlist:

Milton Nascimento - Encontros e Despedidas
Lô Borges - O Caçador
Toninho Horta - Serenade
Beto Guedes - Paisagem da Janela

What do you hope to accomplish via your show?
I hope I can show the real essence of Brazilian music (and also world music inspired by the sounds and artists from Brazil) to Viva's listeners. Not everybody has been introduced to MPB yet, but I'm pretty sure nobody stays indifferent when listening to it. It's magical. I think there's still some preconceived ideas that must be left behind. Brazil is producing some shit stuff recently. Despite that, there's still good music being alternatively produced but it's not commercialized by the big media. Change those ideas and make people smile is my main objective.

What drew you to Viva?
I am a longtime fan of Viva Radio. I'm used to spending hours listening to it, discovering some nice old and new music I've never heard before. I'm not only into Brazilian music, I also DJ electronic (disco, balearic, house, leftfield, re-edits) and there are/were great contributors that became references to me: Sebastien Tellier, CFCF (his show was my favorite), JAZ (awesome selector), Eamon Harkin, Daniel Roversi etc. It is such an honor being part of the team.

Do you think your personal music taste mirrors what you play on Onda Nova?
Yes, I think so. Although I have prioritized MPB, I am a very eclectic person and it is evident in my DJ sets. Last saturday, for example, I played Mutantes, Christy Essien Igbokwe, Fingers Inc., Arthur Russell, Goblin and Fever Ray.

Anything else you want readers to know?
Well, I DJ twice a month in the best club of Porto. It is called Plano B, so, fans of MPB (and more) can come and have some fun. I have a soundcloud for my Brazilian mixtapes and a tumblr for rare brazilian music videos. Also this is my personal tumblr.

Onda Nova airs at 1 p.m. every Wednesday, only on Viva Radio

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Posted by: Maija 10/9/2013 8:09:37 AM

 photo logo_zps324aa0b6.png

 photo 16--34988-WhiteConfettiFalling_zpsa5022a9a.jpg

Hello Amsterdam! Do you want all of your dreams fulfilled? Follow us on Twitter for details on how to win FREE TICKETS to see NO AGE and Beach. Yes, you heard that. Viva buds Subbacultcha! are hooking two lucky ducks up with a pair of tickets to the show at DOKA. The show is free for Subbacultcha! members and extra tickets are for sale here. Don’t forget that we love ya. ?

 photo noage_zpse079772a.jpg

 photo up-No_Age_zps3ccd2b36.jpg

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Posted by: Jansen 10/9/2013 8:02:22 AM
As far as labels go, North Carolina-based Bathetic has, unintentionally or not, set themselves as the second coming of Kranky (the label responsible for Atlas Sound, Grouper, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor), pumping out otherworldly sounds with both a consistent vision and quality.

This here Lee Noble album (that came out in June but slipped under my radar) is no exception. It sounds like Noble recorded this thing in a dorm room in a cathedral in a barren dystopia, matryoshka style. Casios unwind next to church organs, sometimes harmonious but more often not. Noble tends to establish a nice melody and then plunge it into atonality—it legit made my stomach nosedive with the melody, rollercoaster style, the first time I heard it, which is medically unsettling but aurally impressive. If you like the anxiously-rambling drone of Set Fire to Flames, the purty ambient washes of Grouper, or you just can't get ahold of your dealer, give Ruiner a spin.

Stream the entire album on Spotify and if you like what you hear, buy it here.

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Posted by: Jansen 10/9/2013 7:18:00 AM

Long-time listeners may remember our interview with living legend Bruno Wizard way back in 2008. For those who don't and haven't heard of the man before: Wizard was the frontman of 70's punk groups such as the Homosexuals and the Rejects, a champion of the British DIY scene, and a man that shared the stage with groups like Wire and the Damned.

If all that sounds awesome to you, a documentary on Wizard's life, The Heart of Bruno Wizard, is making its U.S. premiere tomorrow. The documentary, in correlation with the CBGB's festival, features rare-footage of the Warren Street squats, early punk shows, and perhaps even 2008-era Ted Shumaker (see above video).

Fans of early British punk or tenacious old guys will find plenty to love. New York residents can get tickets here.

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Posted by: Maija 10/7/2013 2:23:00 PM
 photo ME_freetime_blog_zps8c47448c.jpg

We welcomed Brooklyn via Melbourne natives, Free Time, into our studio for this edition of Me + You in which the band delves into the topics of cotton ball brains and quicky weddings with our very own Tedward. Former Panel of Judges’ member, Dion Nania formed Free Time when he moved to New York from Australia in 2011. The quartet recorded their 2013 self-titled album via Underwater Peoples, with the help of Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere and Twerps’ Marty Frawley and Julia MacFarlane. Playing shows with the likes of Ducktails, Regal Degal, and Real Estate, Free Time is one in a long list of bands that have perfected the slacker-lo-fi-bummer-summer sounds.

 photo 580819_352261841560493_1948753428_n_zps02911971.jpg

If you missed their circuit of shows at every hippy college on earth- catch them on their upcoming west coast tour! They will be playing alongside The Shilohs, The Babies, Real Estate, and many many more. Forget about fall and impending tornadoes and bring your summer shorts! And do yourself a favor and pick up their LP here- if not for the baller tunes, then for the baller cover art!

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Posted by: Maija 10/2/2013 3:09:44 AM

 photo 1234954_10151715334334005_1755858170_n_zpsccc77fca.png

This Wednesday is all about Burger Records. With a recently released compilation and a tour just beginning, we’re all about Burgers these days, in more ways than one, of course. Burger Records recently came out with the second edition of Now That’s What I Call Burger! which you can hear for yourself on their soundcloud. Highlights include the girly, Denver based quartet, Sauna, Viva babes, Habibi, and OC darlings, Cosmonauts.

 photo 1231376_10151704828559005_1439271471_n_zpsf1725483.jpg

Burger Records is currently hosting the BURGERAMA TOUR 2013. The tour will make stops in San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, Austin, and NYC, just to name a few. With class acts such as Growlers, Cosmonauts, and White Fang, it is surely a force to be reckoned with and is not to be missed!

 photo 63898_10151704832584005_816844499_n_zpsa3f9d5a5.jpg

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Posted by: Jansen 9/25/2013 6:52:00 AM
As an American, it's my duty to enjoy all forms of excess, so when I heard LA's Jail Weddings had four members whose sole role is to sing, I was naturally stoked. When I heard that jail weddings were a real thing, I was even stoker.

This nonet (!!) plays a perverted style of rock'n'roll/doo wop that's equally indebted to Scott Walker, The Gun Club, and any part of a Tarantino film with a long take of a character walking down a street (e.g. any song that sounds like this).

Whereas the forefathers of soul titled songs like "Everybody Wants to go to Heaven (But Nobody Wants To Die)," Jail Weddings have opted for "(Do You Ever Get Tired of) Keeping the Faith?"; in a move that would make Andrew W.K. shed tears of beer, the band closes their album with a trifecta of songs respectively titled "Party Girl," "Dead Celebrity Party," and "Don't Invite Me to Your Party."

Stream their new LP Meltdown: A Declaration of Unpopular Emotion in its entirety below, and if you like what you hear, pick up the cassette via the always phenomenal Burger Records. In fact, buy two! These guys have nine members to feed.

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Posted by: Jansen 9/22/2013 8:27:00 PM
 photo 0486776b-5021-43d9-afd4-badd8a4a44b5_zps5f83f290.jpg

A friendly hello, Ohio visitors! Guided By Voices! Drew Carey!

That's really all I know about Ohio. Fortunately for me, the 13th anniversary of the Midpoint Music Festival is happening this weekend, and it's a festival proving that there's more to Ohio than just guys drinking beer and saying things into microphones.

There's going to be bands from all over North America (and let's face it, most of them are going to be drinking beer and saying things in to microphones), and the lineup is slammin'! You've got Potty Mouth! Metz! Kurt "Yes, That's My Real Name" Vile! Dent May! Dead Gaze (careful saying that one out loud)! WYNW alumni Bleached! Saturday Looks Good to Me!

On top of that, the Breeders, one of thee best bands of the 90's will be performing Last Splash in its entirety. On top of THAT, we're giving away tickets to it! Follow us on Twitter for a chance to win those.

Midpoint takes place this weekend, Sept. 26-28. More info about the fest, including the full line up, is available here.

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Posted by: Maija 9/18/2013 6:39:19 AM

Whether or not you liked The Bling Ring, Daniel Lopatin is bringing us some highly anticipated tunes to kick off the fall. Oneohtrix Point Never's label debut, R Plus Seven is due out on September 30th and is available here. You can also check to see if Oneohtrix will be coming by your home town here. The album release show went down last night at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral and sure gave us a lot to look forward to.

Check out an expert from OPN's "Still Life" and "Problem Area" below.

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Posted by: Maija 8/28/2013 9:08:00 PM
 photo v600_GRMLN__empire_900_zps6209a4ac.jpg

20-year-old California golden boy Yoodoo Park released his full-length debut album, Empire, this June on Carpark Records. Park plays alongside his brother and long time friend under the moniker of GRMLN to create what their label describes as “polished up Superchunk and poppier Jimmy Eat World.” As a full time student at the University of California Santa Cruz, Park embodies the sunshine and nostalgia that we associate with drinking 40’s at the beach.

 photo 705278_375663332525703_1011453540_o-650x431_zpsd7c691a9.jpg

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Posted by: Viva Radio 8/14/2013 8:06:00 AM
 photo 06e79601-22d8-415d-a5ad-f22ded86b60e_zpsaf09f43d.jpg

This week's WYNW comes straight from Brooklyn via Carrie Ashley Hill. Hill recently enlisted Barb Morrison (producer of Blondie/Rufus Wainwright) and Jeff Berrall and Sam Hopkins of Caveman to craft a four song EP, and the result is some classic Americana that channels the likes of Neko Case and Stevie Nicks. Like Nicks, Hill's arrangements walk the line between dirgy and dreamy, creating some fitting sounds for the fall season just around the corner.

Stream "Never Say Never" below, and if you like what you hear, stream the rest of the EP here:

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Posted by: Jansen 8/9/2013 7:59:00 AM
 photo 20afcc0f-b138-49e4-9c50-39e59711e4a3_zpsb3c028f9.jpg

Straight from Bologna, Italy comes our newest contributor, the 20 year old Matteo Ciambella. Ciambella's a literature major and it shines through on his show, with each episode of Yokopoko crafting an aural adventure (the rock and roll themed "Teenager's Night Out," the yacht-rock heaby "Fields of Tennis"). We chatted with him via e-mail to find out more:

Matteo! What exactly is Yokopoko?
In Italian, "Yokopoco" is some sort of a pun about a mediocre soccer player from Japan. But "Yokopoco" was also the name of an EP single that my uncle released in 1984 under the name of Robin Echo. It was quite a fiasco back then, but some time ago I was in a record store scrolling through a section called "Rare Italo Disco" and there it was. I'm hoping to play the song on the show as soon as I get a hold of a decent mp3 version.

How's the current music scene in Italy treating you?
I'm not very fond of the Italian music scene right now. We've got lame rappers, some lame pop singers busted out of some TV show, and average indie rock bands. Of course there are some exceptions, but if I had to suggest anything, I'd say go for the classic stuff. Lucio Battisti, Area, PFM, Franco Battiato, Le Orme. Some of these are well-known, but there's a lot of italian music from the 70's and 80's that's ended up in some dark place.

As far as my personal taste, on the show you can listen to the music I like. It's mostly stuff that I listen to every day, but I also do some research when I need songs that go well in a particular playlist. I love anything that's done with a bit of soul, be it in the form of anger or be it tenderness. So I'm a big, big fan of Iggy Pop, but I also like the delicacy of French and Brazilian singers throughout the 40's and 60's. Recently Iggy has been covering Serge Gainsbourg and this kind of stuff, so that really closes the circle.

How did you come across Viva? What do you hope to achieve with your show?
I came to know about Viva about two or three years ago, thanks to my brother Marco. He walked into my room and said I had to check this radio out. At first I was a bit suspicious, 'cause he always does that. He walks into my room, sits on the pillow on my bed- something that I just can't stand - and takes over the computer with some excuse. But then we tuned in and James Brown was playing on 'Fauves in Abyssinia'. "What a great name for a radio show!", I thought. Then we listened to some other stuff and shortly after I was just thinking, "What a great radio!"

I try to convey a different setting with each episode. It can be a whole scene or just a hint to an atmosphere, like the episode "Fields of Tennis" depicting the way I imagine tennis and pool clubs to be like in the 70's. But sometimes it's just a raw feeling, like the playlist scheduled for next Thursday ("New Jean Jacket"), all about walking down the street with a bold look on your face.

What's next for your show
In the next weeks I'll be uploading a playlist dedicated to Buzz Aldrin and another one called Espionage. The latter contains some wonderful, long jazzy pieces, all with a very mysterious, shady aura to them. My imminent future is also much of a mystery to me right now. So I guess the two go well together!

Catch Matteo's Yokopoko show every Thursday from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. on Viva Radio.

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Posted by: Maija 8/7/2013 6:35:17 AM

 photo 11257_zps58b9a442.png

Tighty whitey donning, Nobunny buddies, Hunx and his Punx recently released a follow up to their 2011 album, Too Young To Be In Love. Out on June 23rd via Hardly Art, Street Punks is self described as “the female answer to the Misfits” and “Darby Crash on Helium.”

Hunx and his Punx will be playing tomorrow night at 285 Kent along with Chain and the Gang, and Juan Wauters with Carmelle. If someone could let me know if Juan Wauters is a clever ode or actually his name, I’d appreciate it.

 photo punkettesinterview-1024x768_zpsc878c9ff.jpg

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Posted by: Maija 8/4/2013 7:23:11 PM

 photo ME_teen_blog_zps0b85b895.jpg

We welcomed Brooklyn’s TEEN into our studio recently to chat about everything from male strippers, “hunk bucks,” and euro tours. TEEN emerged when Teeny Lieberson, formerly of Here We Go Magic, joined forces with her two sisters, Katherine and Lizzie, and their long time friend Jane, to create dream girl pop tunes for the ages.

They released their album Carolina earlier this year as a follow up to their 2012 LP, In Limbo. Recently coming off a tour with Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces, TEEN has played summer shows at the MoMa sculpture garden and the Knitting Factory. You can watch their live performance of “Why Why Why” below and be sure to check out their full session when it airs on Viva!

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Posted by: Jansen 8/1/2013 9:30:57 AM
For those NYC-based Viva Radio listeners in need of a good cry or just a good Bowie fix, we're teaming up with the Film Society Lincoln Center and New Wave for a special screening of Christiane F. The movie revolves around the titular character, a 13-year old girl that gets addicted to heroin and delves deep into the "new disco" nightclub scene in Berlin. As heroin addictions are rote to do, things start to go terribly and David Bowie soundtracks the whole ordeal.

The film is screening at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 6, with a Viva-curated afterparty immediately following.

Our Christiane F screening is just one part of a larger Bowie series that Lincoln Center is undertaking—check out the entire schedule here.

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Posted by: 7/31/2013 11:00:00 AM
If the story is true, this week's WYNW comes from a bathroom in California. Thas right—the Bay Area-based Gloriette Records apparently pressed the Samps Plans/Twice High 12" in 2012, left it in a bathroom somewhere, and didn't visit said bathroom for a year. Whatever the case may be, it's out now, and it's two more songs of sample-based dance music that's one of the more lascivious things to come out of a lavatory this year.

For those unfamiliar with the band, the Samps are 75% Soul Train and 25% the Postal Service, with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti-member Cole MGN trading beats with Gloriette owner Jason Darrah via the USPS. Their sole release was a 2010 EP of chopped-and-screwed disco, at which point they went silent until they found this album in their toilet. So let's enjoy these two songs, filled to the brim with sexy funk samples and keys—as it might be awhile longer 'til we hear anything else from them.

Stream A-side "Plans" below:

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Posted by: Maija 7/31/2013 6:52:59 AM

Say hello to our newest contributors Benny and Freddy! We sat down to chat with them about Tina Turner, the Paris music scene, and their pets of choice. Be sure to tune in Fridays at 6 to hear more from this pair.

 photo benfred_blog_zps8c0fbcde.jpg

So your first show is inspired by sex goddesses. Who are the quintessential sex goddesses in your eyes?

F : Well, I'd say the first show is inspired simply by goddesses. They're definitely all sexy but I wouldn't file them all exclusively under SEX. However, I'd say Tina is THE quintessential sex goddess within modern music. All that comes to mind is her performance in Gimme Shelter.

B: What these goddesses have in common is that raw power that ultimately translates into sex. We recently saw Glass Candy live in Paris and the second Ida walked on stage we knew she wasn't going to play it safe. The venue was upside down by the end of the show. Although GC wasn't on the first playlist, she has that fire in her that makes her the ultimate sex goddess.

What brought you to Viva and what can your listeners expect from your show?

F : We both work for American Apparel so we're constantly listening to Viva and have come to discover a lot of really great stuff through it. We've sent several employee select playlists individually and decided to join forces as contributors. Our show will deliver a consistent interpretation of different themes we find interesting, such as powerful chicks, love, androgyny and Germany (first 4 shows). Musically, you won't hear present-day Top 40 hits, but some Pop jams from yesteryear for sure. You'll also hear variety. Our tastes have common threads but we have pretty different musical backgrounds so theres a nice range.

B: I've been with the company for almost 6 years and was looking for a new way to contribute. I've always loved Viva and been interested in how music can affect our customers. I like to watch them react to certain songs, see them tap their feet to the beat while shopping. We've decided to work with themes to create restraints that will push us to go deeper into our musical archives. Working as a team and being from 2 different continents creates an interesting dynamic in our show. We have different tastes, fight about whether we should include one song or another etc… and it ultimately translates into our selection. We also like to add a certain element of nostalgia or humour. You'll often find a song that seems a little funny and/or ridiculous.

How has Paris influenced your musical taste?

F: I've been listening to way more electronic music since I moved here.

B: Growing up in a small town in Southern France I didn't have access to a lot of shows. I just had to stick with what was popular down there at the time. Moving to Paris really has broadened my musical taste. There's so much going on here music-wise that it makes it very easy to stumble upon new exciting bands.

What's one thing we will never ever hear on your show?

F : Rihanna or Lady Gaga or hair metal.

B: I might have to agree with Freddy on this one. Definitely Rihanna or anything remotely related to her.

Cats or dogs?

F : Cats, only because they don't have to be walked.

B: I wish monkeys was an option. I like cats independence and dogs loyalty so I'll take both!

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Posted by: Maija 7/25/2013 7:06:00 PM

 photo tumblr_mqi2md1txc1qzmufgo1_1280_zps95fde663.png

Head to Roberta’s this Saturday for Viva favorites Jamaican Queens, Pictureplane, and Action Bronson, to name a few. The festivities start at noon and last until 11. You’ll probably see every one you know and don’t want to see, but whatever, you can eat a BRONSON BURGER made by Action Bronson himself. Worth it.

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Posted by: Jansen 7/17/2013 8:56:19 AM
Ah yeah. Good old Sub Pop Records. Like an indie rock Michael Caine, these guys have been putting out quality stuff for decades. While Caine wasn't afraid to follow-up The Cider House Rules with Austin Powers: Goldmember, you too could count on Sub Pop to release some Dwarves alongside Sunny Day Real Estate. The same guys who helped introduce the world to Nirvana and Mudhoney would later unleash Beach House and the Shins upon us, and since Sub Pop just released an ultra sunny pop album by King Tuff, it's only appropriate for them to follow it up than with a five minute EP of Condominium's exhausted take on punk.

Condominium's name alone evokes images of suburban lethargy, and their new 7" "Carl" reinforces that. Yes, Condo have eschewed the "Punk's Dead, You're Next" rhetoric of yesteryear for a song simply called "Carl," presenting a recording of a band completely run down and spent. The guitarist is playing the least melodic two-note guitar lead he can think of, presumably with his eyes closed and his feet propped on an ottoman while the vocalist is on his 30th take of the song, completely over whether or not his vocals make it into the microphone. It's a mid-tempo headbanger and if it's the way I described it sounds absolutely miserable, well, yeah, it kind of is. But know the A-side contains two fast-rockin' songs!

Buy it here!

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