Posted by: Tedward 6/30/2009 11:58:00 PM

Who doesn't love Canada? Hockey, Healthcare, and Hortons! Tim Hortons that is. Today is your day. Call us up on the Viva Radio Hotline and let us know your comments on the many uses of Clearly Canadian! 888-550-8482. Here's a little classic Geddy Lee to get you in true form!

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Posted by: Tedward 6/29/2009 6:59:10 PM

I guess I need to hang out with DJ Steve Porter a little more often! Oh wait, I think I actually saw Porter on a CSI Miami episode last week. Was he the guy that gave special massages to the patrons at the South Beach Hyatt? Or maybe he was giving DJ lessons at Guitar Center on 14th St? I guess we'll be playing this jam on Viva Radio nonstop for the next few weeks. Might balance out all the Michael Jackson we've been hearing nonstop as of late. Needless to say, this is a great reason to be alive in 2009. "Playoffs, playoffs, ohhh playoffs, and Joe Namath kind of takes the prize on this one!

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Posted by: Christopher.C @ NE1 6/29/2009 1:10:00 PM
I am not a Nebraskan native, but I have been living out here in the great planes for some time now. Like most people who live on either coast of America, I knew very little about Nebraska & the "mid-west" & only heard of Omaha because of Saddle Creek Records.

I interviewed a friend through work who moved here during the spring semester to intern at Saddle Creek Records, since we both were outsiders it was nice getting to know someone here who could share the same giddy site spotting experience of places mentioned on SC band's albums.

More Nebraskan updates of music/people/events to come.

Keep it Rad!!

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Posted by: Viva Kerry 6/29/2009 12:22:52 PM
Let's talk V Count Macula. The Count has already made a name for himself in Detroit with his stunt-style rap performances and incredible tubing getaways. He lives in Bushwick now and if anyone is poised to revive bicycle jousting in that area, I'm sure it's him. We here at Viva love him not only because of his lyrical truth-telling, but also because of the hilarious station ID he recently did for us. Check him out and stay tuned for more V Count coverage from Viva Radio.

V Count Macula Viva Radio ID (featuring the song "Hostile Nostril"):

"Smooth Wizardz" video (featuring one of the greatest fist bumps of all time):

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Posted by: Tedward 6/24/2009 3:12:00 PM

A good friend of mine is really into girl singer song writers. Sometimes he even goes out of his way to make bootlegged T Shirts for his favorite performers! Thanks for tipping me off to wonderful world of Thao with the Get Down Stay Down! I recently did a little chit chat with Thao who has a terrific album out "We Brave Bee Stings and All" on Kill Rock Stars. We talked about decompressing after tour, where she bought her signature hollow body guitar, and when not to drop your pants on the Public Transit System in San Francisco. The band is getting ready to release a new record in October! Here's the interview!

Two's Company Pt. 2: Thao with the Get Down Stay Down

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Posted by: Viva Jossh 6/22/2009 11:14:00 AM

It's no secret that the combination of somewhat older/contained good-looking New Yorkers with seemingly effortless psychedelic flair and classic pop intentions is a winning formula. We've seen it in MGMT, Chairlift, Amazing Baby, and now we've seen it presented before us in Suckers. This Brooklyn quartet have got all of the aforementioned qualities down to a tee; so much so to the point that one of their members introduced himself as Pan without a trace of irony.

The group came into the studio with a stuffed up Tedward only to clear the stuffy stuff right out of the zone with their therapeutic brand of decongestant tunefulness. Dosage indeed - we were trippin' on the sounds they brought with them. Who'd have thunk that four musicians could come together to trace musical lifelines to a single convergent point that evokes a perfect blend of Brian Eno and Crash Test Dummies?

Suckers they ain't if you consider that they didn't let 90's alterna-rock rot away in their tie-dyed deadhead pasts but rather are stringing the skeletons from their closets by the wrists, wearing their fingerbones round their necks like psych warlord manes. Suckers they are for blissful ballads. Suckers you are if you don't tune into this fabulous edition of Me + You on Monday June 22nd.

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Posted by: Viva Jossh 6/19/2009 2:15:00 PM

British cholo-esque Jack Peñate is mainly known for his guitar-driven punkish yearn-pop songs. Back when his album dropped in 2007, folks abroad seemed charmed by the singer/songwriter who brought a rougher, more hands-on approach to the Cockney pop of Kate Nash and Lily Allen. Meanwhile, his fellow countrymen at NME slagged him for riding the coattails of a nearly exhausted post-punk revival (into which they lumped any band with a Telecaster). I for one remember when he came on the scene via MTV2 UK and thought "Oh shit, this is that guy who's gonna try and bring plaid shirts back." No matter what the opinion was, it seemed like folks were intrigued by Penate as a gritty Britty pseudo-sensation but also as a loud ornament on the leftover Xmas tree that was said angular revival; by this point, it was already Spring.

Two years later, Peñate still seems like the same songwriter but with more breathing room for him to exude the myriad influences that have kept him going. Although there is no need for him to win over the masses what with already having cultivated a nice following, this is definitely Jack's opportunity to say "You misunderstood me the first time around, but it's OK - listen to this." Yes, he will accept your apology. These diverse influences heavily inform his forthcoming second album, Everything Is New, as well as the set he laid down for us on this 29th edition of Naked Fridays!

Selections from Can's Tago Mago, John Martyn, and Smokey Robinson thrown in amongst some of today's freshest e.g. The Big Pink's "Velvet" and Dirty Projectors definitely exhibit a thought process that straddles the esoteric with a playful take on structure. As I mentioned, not that Peñate needs to win anyone over with his tastes, it's just that it'll be harder for the haters to hold him down this time around. And this is the soundtrack for the pre-game that sees him poised for victory.


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Posted by: Viva Jossh 6/18/2009 3:10:00 PM

The kind folks at RCRD LBL tuned into the stellar Violens edition of Me + You and left satisfied enough to plug one of the highlights of their set - a cover of Death In June's "Fields Of Rape". Of course, the track is a relatively stripped down affair (this is not a rape pun) but evidenced by the whole session, Violens did a fantastic job of getting the maximum out of the minimum.

Lush, eerie, and exclusive - check the track out at the RCRD LBL site and stay tuned for more excellent Me + You sessions on the way.

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Posted by: Viva Jossh 6/17/2009 11:22:00 AM

Attn: All freaky deaky Viva listeners -

If you're down with slow-burning, spine-chilling, and wistfully beautiful psych balladry, then you are already familiar with Bobb Trimble. If you're not, then catch up fast on what you've been missing out on for the past 25+ years, or come see him play at the event we are sponsoring on June 25th.

The collective interest in Trimble gathered over these years has resulted in a cult following that cannot be ignored in today's more experimental pop climate. Surprisingly, despite his east coast home base (Worcester AKA Wormtown, MA) Bobb has never made it down to NYC for a performance... until now!. The ever-open-minded fetishists of the Big Apple have made a nice effort in making sure that this performance is commemorated and memorable for generations both old and young.

Us here at Viva in conjunction with the renowned digital reissue label Anthology Recordings and insider stalwarts Mexican Summer have joined beautiful forces to put out a limited edition 7" for this event. Entitled 2 Sides Of, the record is a "a double trouble selection of songs" by yours ghouly, Bobb Trimble. To add a striking visual element to the mix, Jess Rotter of clothing label Rotter and Friends contributed stunning artwork for the 7", flyer, and tote bag available all for pickup at the event itself.

Where to attend this special happening? It's all going down @:

Rose Live Bar
345 Grand Street (between Havemeyer + Marcy)
9 pm-1 am

RSVP to: (that's the only way you're gettin' in, folks)

DJ Sets by Turquoise Wisdom (= Zach Cowie, industry esoterrorist) and [future Viva contributor] Brian Shimkovitz of Awesome Tapes Of Africa will be keeping the ear-caching vibes flowing throughout the night.

If you are looking for a deeply enriched night of psychedelic pondering, then be at this happening.


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Posted by: Viva Kerry 6/16/2009 1:33:00 PM

Put on your jean jacket and grab a sixer, I just uncovered Ted's long-lost Two's Company interview with Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad. Recorded sometime last winter, not only is this interview ripe with snowplows and snowshoes but it also features one man's account of divine inspiration. Did you know "I'm Your Captain" was written by GOD?

Two's Company Pt. 1 feat. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad "I'm Your Captain"

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Posted by: Tedward 6/15/2009 1:34:00 PM

Some boy bands have it all made. Some boy bands love listening to Viva Radio! And, here's the proof right before our eyes. Looks like Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers made the right choice wearing a sweet Viva Radio T Shirt on a recent interview featured on myspace. Now if I can just get him in a Gay Beach shirt!

Buy your own Viva Radio T Shirt here.

Also note some another allstar wearing a Viva Radio T Shirt Matt from Psychedelic Horseshit!I knew we could somehow make a connection between these two! Keep us posted if you have any other shots in your collection!

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Posted by: Tedward 6/10/2009 8:12:05 AM
Everyone's favorite witness protection program wise guy, Jon from the Adult Swim sensation Delocated just did an interview with CNN's, Anderson Cooper. Not only are we thrilled to hear about the new sandwich shop, but we're stoked about the 2nd season of Delocated coming soon. Check out this hilarious video featured on Funny or Die!

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Posted by: VivaMatt (Employee) 6/10/2009 4:29:52 AM

All photos by Tobias Holzer.

Friday morning of the Distortion Festival was a shake off followed by a roundabout ride through the city center on rented bikes from Christiana, complete with front buggy for friends and fam. If you're not on a bike in Copenhagen, you're a pedestrian (obeying the traffic signals, nonetheless). If you're not a pedestrian, you're probably in an electric car. The forward thinking throttles full on in this environmental capital of Europe.

More daytime block parties and BBQs throughout the Vesterbro neighborhood turned into nighttime Club Clash-ing at "The Disco Trance" party featuring hard / art rock disco and minimal techno split among various areas of the Enghavevej skatepark. After finishing a bottle of Black Label and blasting "Once In a Lifetime" to walking heads from a friend's third story flat, we showed up in time to have missed Vinnie Who and catch the end of Montreal's Desire, a recent addition to the Italians Do It Better label and another cosmic channel for producer Johnny Jewel.

Following Desire, Glass Candy, Johnny's flagship band with Ida No, took the stage through a mess of smoke and lasers. The duo's disco decadence warbled through a wonky sound system and warmed up the main floor crowd for WhoMadeWho. Wearing textbook Danish garb, the trio (including drummer TomBoy, a festival co-organizer) galloped through licks straight outta Josh Homme's guitar tab books and pounded through heavy disco beats for an elated hometown crowd. The set culminated in a cover of Benny Benassi's early 00s anthem "Satisfaction". E-xcellent.

After catching a bit of Ellen Allien's set as part of the Fabric crew Wet Yourself's festival party, strains of effected guitar lead our group back to the mostly abandoned main floor. Those that made it to 4 AM and still had the attention span for "live" music were treated to Paris Suit Yourself, a New York / Berlin / Paris trio supported tonight by guitarist Victor Tricard and vocalist Luvinsky Atche supported by crutches. Sounds-craping through Shields-sick riffs and a Forest of melodic Robert Smith moans, Paris Suit Yourself made a richly dark home in the eerie canal sanctum of the festival. Radical and recommended to anyone around for their New York shows later this month.

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Posted by: Tedward 6/9/2009 8:13:16 AM

I'd be a pretty happy camper if Eugene Mirman was to do my High School Commencement speech. Apparently the real deal happened this past weekend as Eugene gave a roaring commentary on his life, our lives, and the future that lies within at his former High School. That means absolutely nothing and therefore I'll never be giving a commencement speech myself. Whatever the case is. The video is pretty amazing as Eugene warns us that there's an asteroid heading for the earth, and that sometimes you can fail, barely pass, and then become a comedian afterall!

We also spoke with Eugene on the phone the other day to get a Viva Radio ID that you'll be hearing rotating all Summer long. It goes a little something like this!

Eugene Mirman Viva Radio ID

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Posted by: VivaMatt (Employee) 6/9/2009 6:30:00 AM

Photo by Tobias Holzer.

Copenhagen's 2009 Distortion Festival continued Thursday afternoon as soon as it ended Wednesday morning with parties in the Nørrebro neighborhood streets. Situated just over the Dronning Louises Bridge on the Northwestern side of the water entrapped center city, Nørrebro is an affordable neighborhood catering to students from the half dozen universities in Copenhagen.

Photo by Tobias Holzer.

A quick, brisk walk (unseasonably cold) across the bridge put us in the thick of the second day festivities. Follow the techno echos and you're bound to find a party, it's a ubiquitous theme throughout the entire festival. Thursday night's Club Clash at the Korgsadehallen may have been the apex of this theme with performances from Detroit techno progenitor Carl Craig and Get Physical's Danish trophy manwives M.A.N.D.Y. Kicking off around 1 AM, Carl Craig stoically raged through a two-and-a-half hour set of classics and new classics keeping the euphoria palpable for the 4000 people assembled at this YMCA turned party zone.

Carl Craig photos by Liesel Burisch.

In an adjacent room of the rave cave (literally, Korgsadehallen is dug into a hillside) during M.A.N.D.Y's set, much different classic soundwaves were being carved by the Messer Chups. Messer Chups are a veteran rock band from St. Petersburg Russia that has collaborated with theremin legend Lydia Kavina and released material through Mike Patton's Ipecac Records. All snarls, double snare beats, and surf tones, the band kept the crowd jitterbugging. Kinda creepy, kinda rad. Day three ahead.

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Posted by: Viva Jossh 6/8/2009 9:23:00 AM

Mind you, when Micachu starting gathering buzz back in late '08 up until the release of her first full-length back in March, she was regarded as an impressive young solo artist. However, when she came into the Viva Studio, she no solo - she shaped up.

There were three of them, Mica, Marc, and Raisa. If you think that has nice ring to it, you best listen to the session they laid down for us here in the studio. It exemplified the best qualities of said debut album, Jewellery, which is faring quite well with critics and commoners alike. They also explained the inclusion of The Shapes, both in spoken word and music.

The minimalist approach taken on the record is where Micachu's material thrives; there is enough space left over for inventiveness and experimentation, which is evidenced in the unique instrumentation employed by Mica. Fortunately for her, the two comrades she finds in The Shapes are deft enough to enhance the music with a creativity that keeps it fresh in the live scenario, but restrained enough to keep it simple and true to the recordings. Fortunately for us, this is exactly what we are looking for in a Me + You - something stripped down yet with all of the essential sounds left intact.

Unfortunately for me, all I could bring them were useless paper cups and an awkward greeting a month later in Europe, but luckily you didn't have to be there for any of that. Rather, you will be privy to hearing the fantastic session they whipped up together with Tedward today, Monday (June 9th) at 12 PM on Me + You.


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Posted by: Tedward 6/8/2009 9:10:25 AM

I'm going to tip you off on a little "art buzz" for Summer 2009. (read this like Norm McDonald doing Larry King) "Hey folks, if there's one underground artist you should read up on its the wonderful MOMO. His creations are constantly blowing my mind. Whether its the guerilla wheat pastes or the East River Totem Poles this guys the maximum art creator! Do yourself a favor and invest in Momo, it might be better than melting down Gold at this point!"

He's also got a brand new book that you should definitely buy! Here's what Momo has to say: Rojo is publishing a 160 page Book of MOMO, "3AM-6AM". Its a small format, there's no text, just images. All color/form abstraction, its inspiration & precarious life outdoors. I was very moved making this. While some photos are "Best of" like you'd expect, there's also the chance for context, to see it all as a story.

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Posted by: Viva Jossh 6/5/2009 12:30:00 PM

Naked Fridays #23 is a blast from the future past (a rub and scrub of an earlier session) an absolutely imperative listen. Honestly, I'm sitting here overloaded with work and still there is nothing else I can do but freek out about this set from Justin Miller. Maybe because this morning I woke up with the urge to listen to Penthouse & Pavement, which means that it's gonna be a dance day, or maybe because I caught Miller spinning at Glasslands this weekend. Either way, this needs to be heard.

Most times when musicians come into to put together a playlist/set, we are left with an interesting variety of tunes with the added novelty of the fact that it was put together by a notable artist. It's always fantastic when a seasoned, sexual DJ comes into the studio to lay down a session for NF because that novelty is usually washed away by the fact that this person's job is to do what they are doing for us. That leaves us with an artfully crafted seamless sequence of wonderful jams. J Milla is no exception - while I'm not here to debate the du's celebrity status, all I will say is that those who know of him know what he's best at, and if you don't know him yet, this is a good place to start.

Miller's standing at DFA Records contributed a nice edge to the tracklisting as well, which features brand new, unreleased-as-of-yet tracks by Altair Noveau, Q&A, Canyons, and Shit Robot, whose name always evokes not just thrills but also SKILLS. Added to the mix are cuts by Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Danny Howells, and The Amplified Orchestra. But hey now, I don't wanna give away the whole thing. Well, even if I did, you'd still need to hear this to comprehend why Justin is vital on de scene. Now let me sell you de scene: it's gorgeous, glistening, ahead of our time, and behind a green door that's just begging to be opened. Turn the door knob and the volume know today at 4 PM only on Viva Radio.

As an added bonus, here's a super special link that will allow you to listen to Justin's mix anywhere and anytime that isn't on the Viva watch.

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Posted by: VivaMatt (Employee) 6/4/2009 12:04:00 PM

All photos by Tobias Holzer.

The 2009 Distortion Festival line up begs an international audience to Copenhagen, a capital city constantly at the cultural cusp. The five day festival spreads over various neighborhoods and favors the street and unapparent venues to the club. Festival and Copenhagen Post founder Thomas Fleurquin programs with both a local and worldwide community in mind. With Israel rock monsters Monotonix, Detroit techno legend Carl Craig, and San Fran nu-discophiles Glass Candy set to play, he's on the right and righteous path.

After a series of kick off events and a parade through said streets, Distortion's first night Club Clash politely crashed the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, a Baroque palace built in the 1700s now occupied by Royal Danish Academy of Art. Berlin based trio Brandt Brauer Frick brought their brand of classical (not classic) techno to an early evening crowd in the courtyard. Live, BBF (Best Best Friends?) reconstructs the organic wind, brass, and string compositions from their debut album on Tartelet Records (TomBoy from Who Made Who's label) into a refined and funked out freak out.

Following a short performance piece (I have a feeling I'm in store for many of these) from the Cross Connection Ballet, Monotonix warmed up for the maelstrom with group calisthenics. RIff heavy and far less heady than the outside minimalism, the three piece made a perfect mess of the palace reception hall moving from one end to the other by means of transportation including but not limited to trash cans and crowd hands.

An unintentional mosher head butt to the ol' shnoz halfway through the Monotonix set left me reeling and stumbling back outside to catch the set in progress by We Are the World. The LA based troop choreographed a couple costume changes to a soundtrack jacked from the primitive techno and industrial leanings of Chris & Cosey. Before any further infliction from the exponentially bigger and more inebriated crowd, I followed the water back to the hotel for some jet lagged z's. Carl Craig tonight.

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Posted by: Tedward 6/3/2009 6:32:08 PM

Viva Radio is back with this seasons' fashion beat blast. Sheri Barclay brings you her hottest picks of the summer. Whos' wearing it? What do I choose? How do these tights make my ankles look? All these questions and more are right here, with Fashion Beats. Easy Listening, Viva Radio!

Fashion Beat! Prostitute Stalkings

Fashion Beat! Shiny Sash

Fashion Beat! Stag Bag

Fashion Beat! Tic Tac Shoes

Fashion Beat! Watercolor Tights

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Posted by: Tedward 6/3/2009 6:01:19 PM

Dear Diary,

I went to the Die Heart with a Vengeance last Saturday in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY. Who knew underground secret loft parties still existed in Brooklyn. Well, the lovely Jill Bradshaw of J'aime Musique on Viva Radio took it up another notch this time and hosted one sizzling pre-Summer Jam off featuring the bands Children and Love or Perish along with a scrumptious DJ battle off between J Penry and Max Wowch/Pask! Violent Bullshit was pretty cool too. It was nice to see Toshi!

I enjoyed the mini Colt 45 and Tequila vibes that were happening throughout the evening. I got to talk to Justine D and catch up with some ole pals from the hood. I also spoke with Will Roan of the band Amazing Baby. He showed me the new slamming album cover for his release coming out this Summer. I enjoyed the carpeted stage and urinating in the unisex bathroom whilst mingling with ladies. Dude, Facebook friend requests were totally happening for me that night. Did I mention that Jill Brashaw looked amazing! Well she did! Good kicker to Summer 09. See you in the Village!

Love, Ted

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Posted by: Tedward 6/2/2009 12:41:41 PM

I recently spoke with Midwest Booty legend DJ Assault on the telephone this week. He's been a hero of myn since his late 90's classic Ass N Titties was blasting on WJLB all summer long. His new album, titled "Passport Player" is certainly destined to be blasting out of cars cruising Jefferson this summer as well. Themes include songs about toes, licking, drinking, and hittin up Da Hotels! We'll be circulating "Pretty Toes" on viva for the next month.

When asked if he would be down to do a quick radio ID for Viva Radio, the wonderful Kerry Davis suggested the following: "This is DJ Assault and when I'm not being chased by packs of wild dogs in downtown Detroit I'm listening to Viva Radio" Listen to the raw outtake of the recording!

DJ Assault Raw Audio Outtake!

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Posted by: Viva Jossh 6/2/2009 10:30:00 AM

Do you like submarines? Do you like electronic music? Do you like Copenhagen? Then goddamn, the Distortion Festival is right up your alleyhole. Taking place between June 6th-8th, the stages range from clubs in the heart of the city to a shawarma shack to the largest man-made submarine on Earth, the Søsætning UC3 Nautilus.

If you thought that SXSW was cool, well imagine if sprawling, scorching Austin was actually an elegantly dense metropolis that houses a society whose values are underpinned by a cynicism that somehow comfortably juxtaposes wholesomeness with decadence. These guys are putting the dust in "industry showcase" as in there practically ain't a single trace of conglom involved. Now why exactly would be covering this festival, aside from the fact that is completely sassy and radical? Well, simple answer to a simpleton question: we're getting in on some of the action with a little Viva party of our own!

No joke, the organizers came to us and litraly handpicked two of our most plump and fresh contributors, the sweet Louise Paradis and Michael "CFCF" Silver, to throw down during the Viva Radio block. Said block gets the benefit of happening live on the sub-massive submarine, underneath a bridge apparently. The whole arrangement of the festival seems pretty nuts, but chaos breeds chaos and with a name like distortion, I think that some serious anti-clarity is at hand in a fun way.


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Posted by: Viva Kurr 6/1/2009 12:25:00 PM

Hey, Viva-philes! We've got a pressing question: who misses the '90s?...All of your hands should be up. Well, thank goodness for Ryan Creed, lead brain, young-John Norris look-a-like, and head historian behind 120 Minutes Forever, on Viva Radio. For the last year Ryan has kept our hearts and heads in check, curating the best picks from the latest bygone era, while championing bands like The Breeders, Whole, Liz Phair, and the Meatpuppets. He's saving them from the the floods of digital obscurity and reminding us that CDs once had a place in this world.

There was just something so romantic about the '90s that we just can't get over. MTV ruled the airwaves, playing these things called "music videos", and guys like Kurt Loder and John Norris were more involved and up-to-the-minute news-anchors than those guys with caste-iron hair on NBC. You guys remember that MTV NEWS intro with the ball of typewriter arms pounding "MTV NEWS" into the screen? That was awesome. Ryan Creed brings back the alternative love, salvaging the ruins of what was once the programming crown-jewel, (our opinion), of MTV—120 Minutes. So go ahead, Gen X'ers and Y'ers—take a trip down memory lane and remember why Pavement was the raddest band to walk the earth, remember how Seattle was once the center of the Universe, remember how it felt to be excited about the possibilities of rock n' roll, remember the old days of Sub-Pop—Oh, Sub-Pop!—and read on to find out why Ryan Creed still laments the social death of tiki furniture and leopard-print everything.

Viva Radio: Being a child of the '80s, and spending my more formative years in the '90s, I can't say enough about your efforts to keep the music alive. How old are you?

Ryan Creed: OK, I have something embarrassing to admit - I’m 28, which technically makes me Generation Y! I know, I know…but my Gen X older sister indoctrinated me with riot grrrl and Pavement at a very early age. That’s probably why I idealize the '90s more than an actual Gen X'er; I was too sheltered from the reality of those heady Identity Politics days. Of course if I was a Gen X'er I’d probably have AIDS by 28, which I don’t say to be funny, but just to put in perspective about how not everything in the '90s were as wonderful as I remember them.

VR: Unless I'm mistaken, MTV's 120 Minutes is the original inspiration for 120 Minutes Forever, right? We're you glued to the TV back when it aired? Who was your favorite host—I must admit that I loved Matt Pinfield and kind of wish that I could have hosted an episode of 120 Minutes with him!

RC: 120 Minutes was on so late on Sunday night that the only way I could watch it was to sneak downstairs when my parents were asleep, or just set the VCR to record and then watch it next morning. Back then you had to record things because you never knew when – or even if – MTV would re-air Hole’s “Miss World” or the Geraldine Fibbers again. And, you know, for kids who loved music but had no access to the physical products or the music communities, 120 Minutes and Alternative Nation were the only things we had.

And duh, of course Pinfield was the best. But I always liked when bands like Babes in Toyland hosted, because no one knew how to read cue cards and it was always really stilted and awkward.

VR: My family didn't get cable until I was nearly 14, and I remember being so in love with the idea of MTV. You holding out any hope that MTV might bring back the music video?

RC: I think half of my conversations today are about how awesome MTV used to be. You had Kennedy as a VJ, weird MTV spots of Jimmy the Cab Driver, Fashionably Loud featuring Vivienne Westwood and Elastica, and Courtney Love throwing compacts at Madonna. I mean, MTV News actually covered Kelley Deal getting arrested for possession! I have heard rumors that MTV is digitizing their entire archive – called “the Vault” – and planning to make it available to old-heads like me. There’s this really great documentary called, “The Target Shoots First,” about a college grad’s life working for Columbia House during the 90s. I imagine his experience at Columbia House was very similar to being at MTV. Basically, young white college kids were given carte blanche to do whatever they wanted, working for companies that were desperately trying to market to “those crazy kids.” It does make me sad that kids don’t understand the pure joy of sitting in your living room with friends watching hours upon hours of music videos…but then kids today have Youtube, and Pitchfork, and blogs, and cell phones. Pros and cons, I guess.

VR: Switching gears, how did curating a show on Viva Radio come about? Was it something that you aspired to do, or did it come about through random happenstance?

RC: I was actually recommended to Viva Radio. I was pretty well-known in NYC for being completely obsessed with the early '90s, and I had DJ'ed a bunch of '90s theme parties.

VR: How long have you been doing the show? You have any favorite "episodes"? What do your parents think?

RC: I’ve been doing this about a year, and my definite favorite show ever is the "Lounge Revival" show – with bands like the Combustible Edison and Stereolab. Everyone forgets that there was a brief moment in American pop culture when it was cool to be obsessed with tiki furniture and leopard print, which was then perverted into the Nu-Swing era. I’d rather not talk about that dark period.

Do my parents listen to the show? HA! I don’t even think they know about it. Seriously, I’m still so angsty that I immediately revert to a teenager when I’m around them. “Leave me alone, MOM. I’ll dress the way I want to dress!”

VR: What's your process for putting the show together?

RC: I work by myself. I mean, the sad reality is that I pretty much listen to this music regardless of whether or not I’m programming the show.

VR: Word on the street is that you live in Brooklyn, can you confirm or deny these accusations?

RC: Well, I’m from Ohio, but I went to college in New York about 10 years ago, and live in Brooklyn now. I guess Brooklyn is cool and it’s good for work, but I’ve learned that whether you’re in Ohio or NY, 98% of the people you meet totally suck. I think if I was a native New Yorker I’d be better adjusted, but I remember thinking how bizarre it was to meet native New Yorkers who couldn’t relate to my teen life sitting at the mall waiting to be picked up by my parents or hanging out in a school parking lot after-hours because there was nothing better to do. In fact, my favorite people in New York are the high school outcasts who were so alienated by the suburbs that they had no other choice but to move to the "Big City". Of course, with the internet, I guess that doesn’t happen as often – or least the “NY or death!” mentality isn’t as extreme.

VR: Do you make any music or art yourself, do you write?

RC: I’m a writer by trade and am currently a total sell-out at a major corporation. I’ve been trying to keep up my personal blog about how I’ll be alone forever – – but I’m too depressed for motivation.

VR: You ever dream of bringing 120 Minutes Forever to TV, or have any other big dreams or plans for the show?

RC: OK, my big dream is to start a whole line of early '90s products – Like "Bull in the Heather" perfume or “I’m with Tino” tee shirts. I think there’s a market for it!

VR: Speaking of dreams and memories, there are certain records that stick with certain experiences in my life—I remember when I was 18 driving from my parent's home in Wisconsin all the way to Vancouver, BC by myself in a Saab hatchback. During the 3-day drive I specifically remember listening to Bob Marley's "Redemption Song", Suicide Machine's entire Destruction by Definition album, Urge Overkill's "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon", and Dinosaur Jr.'s "Feel the Pain," over and over and over and over and over again. To this day, when I think of any state west of North Dakota either Bob Marley & The Wailers or Dinosaur Jr. start playing in my head. Immediately. Any songs, records, or experiences have that effect on you?

RC: You listened to Bob Marley’s Legend?!?!?! HA!!!!

The songs that take me back to high school and are always unpredictable. It’s never albums like Last Splash or Live Through This, because I still listen to those. It’s always songs like the Meatpuppets’ “Backwater” or Live’s “Selling the Drama” that immediately timewarp me to my friend’s shag-carpeted basement when I was 13. And more pop-oriented, hearing Dionne Farris’ “I Know” totally makes me think about just driving around Ohio with my friends and listening to the radio because my car’s tape deck was broken. But the weirdest sensation is “the mix tape effect” where I hear a song that was on a mix tape that I used to listen to and immediately hear, in my head, the song that was supposed to come next.

Oh, the memories...A big thanks to Ryan Creed. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next installment of 120 Minutes Forever, here on Viva Radio! All of you investors out there who are still fiending for some '90s gear—get in touch with Mr. Creed. We smell a business opportunity...

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