Me + You 71: Oh No Ono
Posted by: Viva Jossh 2/15/2010 11:00:00 AM

Me + You 71 hears Viva welcoming Denmark's Oh No Ono on their first musical expedition to the USA! Hailing from a different part of the world might be a large contributing factor to this group's sound coming from a different place in the popmosphere. While in keeping with the post-Animal Collective melodic dreamscape strain of electronic-tinged pop, there is a lack of irony and introversion in this group that allows their songs to flourish wildly.

Offering up 3 songs that would otherwise seem quite sonically spread apart from one another, the constraints of the studio and the minimalist approach that the group embraced based on such limitations links these tracks together nicely. The shimmer that one would normally hear on a song like "Internet Warrior" becomes a glimmer, as if the song's shine is obscured by its now submerged & subdued variation. It's only appropriate then that the group's current standout single "Swim" is stuck right in the middle of this body of water. Let us not forget the first song the group performs in this session, "Eleanor Speaks", which has a touch of drone to it, pulling the listener in as it were.

As for the banter, well, these guys are relatively matter-of-fact, but seeing as all musicians have a penchant for being funny (or trying to be funny), you can tell that they aren't taking themselves too seriously. Which is a bit of a surprise, because they're clearly taking their music very seriously and it shows.

Listen up for this edition of Me + You on Monday, February 15th.

Photos by Sara Jacobson.

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