Me + You 115: Man Forever
Posted by: Jansen 6/25/2012 9:56:00 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you what's been dubbed as "the best Me + You episode so far (as voted by uh, the featured artist)."

Our newest comes from Man Forever, and I've gotta say I'm interested to see how this one plays out on the American Apparel storefront. Consisting of Oneida's Kid Millions, Yeah Yeah Yeah's Brian Chase, and Dave Kadden's Dave Kadden, Man Forever has been dubbed as Metal Machine Music for drums.

Based around a couple guys playing overlapping drum patterns on a single snare drum, these guys play a hypnotic style of drone that, half the time, doesn't even involve strings.

Live, the band opened things up with a four minute snare drone appropriately titled "Snare Phases," followed by a 15-minute (!) version of "Surface Patterns" from their recent Pansophical Cataract LP. In between transcending states in our studio, Man4Ev and host Tedward took a trip back in time to discuss the evolution of the NYC music scene, their plans to thwart a high school marching band's world record, and what exactly a "woodie" is.

Decide for yourself if this is the best Me + You episode ever (and if you like shaming high schoolers and woodies, it just might be) when it airs today at noon on Viva Radio.

Also, New Yorkers: Catch Man Forever at the Stone on July 11.

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