Subbacultcha, Pukekos, and Viva Radio: CMJ '09 @ CAKE SHOP
Posted by: Viva Jossh 10/15/2009 1:25:00 AM

Get ready, New Yorkers - it's that time of the year agayn... Be prepared to have to weave in and out of hordes of college radio hotshots in town for CMJ 2009! Make time for one of 50 Kurt Vile shows and assure yourself that there is absolutely no need for you to obtain a $495 badge. More importantly, come down to the fabulous CAKE SHOP in the Lower East Side on Tuesday October 20th for an event that truly stands out amongst the shitpiles that some of these muso's call "bills".

Viva Radio is proud to get in on the Subbacultcha CMJ 2009 Showcase, brought to you by the Subbacultchas themselves as well as the wonderful Pukekos blog run by Brooklyn luminary BJ Rubin. Just in case you need some remindin', Subbacultcha is a great collective based out of Amsterdam which functions as a purveyor of experimental yet accessible contemporary music through a zine and a show night at various venues throughout A'dam. The crew also have a show on Viva, duh.

What's more is that the gang even get together and play music under the name The Moi Non Plus, whose sleekly designed LPs and angular post-pop present an attractive emulation of all sorts of exciting new music that's got us Americans all jazzed. The Moi Non Plus join several great bands on this bill, such as LA's sweet rocking Best Coast, NYC-based slicksters Blondes, and British convention-confronting outfit Male Bonding amongst a few other choice acts as well as sets by DJ Dan Selzer to round it all out with a nice Viva touch!

Cover charge is $8 - come on out and see this!

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