Me + You 63: So So Glos
Posted by: Viva Jossh 11/16/2009 11:45:00 PM

NYC's The So So Glos left the stoop on their city block for a brief moment to drop in on our beloved studio for Me + You Pt. 63! And what a good start we got off to...

It was a funny morning, that one. I was rushing through my morning commute, practically body-checking some faceless girl out of the way as I just made it onto the Q train. My name was called out and I turned to find that it was Zach, all-around good guy and drummer extraordinaire of The So So's.

The group had just returned from a nationwide tour with Glen Rock stars Titus Andronicus and had barely been back a day, so when I sat down to chat with Zach, he too was a bit rattled by the MTA - having to get used to being back in New York City is an interesting task, but homeboy seemed to embrace it. As a matter of fact, the group are quite ready to accept New York for all of its flaws and obstacles because if you've listened to their music, you'll know that they love to celebrate the hell out of the Big Apple, while offering equal amounts of pining for the good ol' days (pre-recession, pre-condos, pre-adulthood...).

That being said, the train ride proceeded to be somewhat of a problematic situation: the Q conveniently skipped about 5 stops on its route and landed us somewhere in Sunset Park. Both confused, we got off and wandered around for sec. Zach took charge, got us answers, and led us across to the adjacent platform while grabbing a churro on the way. Problem solved and we were late for the session. Hey, at least this time I had a valid excuse.

Nevertheless, we were greeted with a lukewarm reception and I attribute the warmth aspect to Matt Elkin, spritely guitarist and long-time associate. Now, the crew of Matt, Alex, Ryan, and Zach was complete with the supplementary talents of Alex Reich who serves as the group's producer and Kinks catalog retainer (this would come in handy later on in the session). Not to mention, he is instrumental in the maintenance of Brooklyn funhouse Shea Stadium.

The interview was somewhat revelatory, and while a few years younger than Tedward, they offered a nice gritty and regional contrast to Ted's ironically non-homosexual gay transplant vibe. Starting off with a family history, it is explained that two of these guys are brothers and one is a half-brother since age 3. Hint: it's not Matt. Then - a reverb-soaked "1-2-3-4" leads right into "Throw Your Hands Up", a song that shits all over national radio and Clear Channel mindlessness. How appropriate!

Well, I guess we all come out as the good guys in the end. Which is why this edition of Me + You ended up being quite pleasurable with some great tidbits and fantastic acoustic renditions of tracks from their 2008 sophomore record "Tourism/Terrorism". Whether or not their take on The Kinks' "Shangri-La" made it into the program is up to you to find out... So LISTEN!

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