Two's Company Pt. 4: Dwight Twilley!
Posted by: Viva Jossh 11/13/2009 11:34:00 AM

I remember this from when I was still a bit fresh out here at Viva; I had no idea who Dwight Twilley was and I'd never heard this fantastic song of his called "Looking For The Magic". All I knew that it was pretty ace and that Ted loved it, which gave me some nice insight into the world of Gay Beach Boy. As a matter of fact, Tedward was compelled enough to get Dwight on the phone to talk about the tune in a way that summed up his entire career in a sort of macro-context, with the end result being this short interview.

This was over a year ago for sure, meaning that Ted has been sitting on it pretty hard. This might be confusing to some of you but Twilley don't mind, so all's well. Here it is now, in all of its tweaked glory - the gently grazed piano key intro is extended for all of your build-up needs, featuring some dial-tone action to remind you that you've entered the telephone interview zone.

And not to give anything away (since you might as well listen to this whole thing, being less than 5 mins long) but you should know that Tom Petty is plucking crazy!

*Two's Company: Dwight Twilley*
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