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Well here's a scene from a lost classic and a recommendation from Zach Cowie, who's quite versed in the ways of unearthing. Fortunately, this clip gives almost nothing away from the film, as it is one of many standalone moments that enhance and gild movies like this that have great storylines, as opposed to livening up okay-at-best or best-left-behind industry speedbumps labeled as "cult" flicks. Plus, that's the legendary Doug Sahm of The Sir Douglas Quintet making those ridiculous noises, revealing himself to be more of a kindred spirit than I thought he was.

OKAY THEN - The film: Cisco Pike, the plot: has-been West Coast folk star Cisco Pike (portrayed by then-was folk star Kris Kristofferson) believes that his dope dealing days are over, what with already walking on thin ice due a few previous dealing-related convictions. That is until crooked cop (Gene Hackman) proposes and eventually forces onto him a deal like no other, which entails the unloading of many, many kg's of top-notch weed with a time limit of less than 3 days in exchange for dismissing prior offenses. The conflict is brought about by HackMan's erratic behavior and complete disregard for the occupational hazards of a drug dealer (and understandably so in wanting to keep his tracks hidden), Cisco's unhappiness vis a vis being relegated from a valued songwriter to a pot pushing pariah, and his beautifully-breasted Karen Black of a girlfriend's disapproval of his (last) foray into this dark trade.

The immediate plot establishment, perfect soundtrack, and unique cinematography raise this film to a nicely crafted piece of cinema, loaded with L.A. imagery that'll tickle the shit out of your California fancy. Not to mention, the above-mentioned standalone scenes and choice bits of dialog really pepper this movie, which is topped off by the involvement of one Harry Dean Stanton.

Thanks, Zach!

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