Me + You 64: Hospital Bombers
Posted by: Viva Jossh 11/30/2009 12:49:00 PM

The first installment in our "Viva Goes Dutch" mini-extravaganza, circa CMJ '09 - The Hospital Bombers. This Amsterdam-based outfit came across from the Netherlands to play the Viva/Subbacultcha/Pukekos showcase amongst other great live opportunities, rolling deep with the likes of The Moi Non Plus even though their respective sounds couldn't be any more different.

Fronted by A'dam groovster Jan Schenk, the group play pop songs that are quite breezy and rich and melody, qualities that are definitely enhanced by Suzanne's violin lines. With a short set of 4 songs that went down rather appropriately in our stripped down setting, the session was rounded out by the playful, dry sense of humor so inherent in the Dutch. Absurd concepts like a rehearsal space/recording studio in a bunker beneath the renowned Vondelpark and a subway stop (to counter our studio above a subway stop) were nicely paired with beautifully trivial observations on behalf of Tedward, who pointed out that you can rent roller skates from that very same park.

A solid effort that would pave the way for the equally righteous edition of Me + You that would follow, Me + You pt. 64 is yet another fine chapter in Viva history, especially since this marked that first Dutch group featured on the program. Gezellig!

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