Fix Da Turkey
Posted by: Tedward 11/24/2009 10:50:00 AM

Just feeling like this week is going to be quite debaucherous already. And there's no better way to get a quick fix before Turkey intake, possible family dilemmas, and in my case post-birthday hangover blues than kicking out some classic KMS Detroit Techno. Stumbled upon this one today and remember hearing it on JLB every weekend back in da day!

This year the ole B Day falls on Turkey Day and the old parentals are indeed coming up to NYC. Things to do: find Dad a bike store and a quiet place for him to write his Philosophy term papers for John Hopkins graduate program. Mom: Talk about the 80's and my formulative years dreaming of playing with Adrian Dantley. I'm hoping for a solid 32 on Thursday. And, I'm just letting you know guys I might have an impromptu party at Chez Ted rocking this MP3 out and sporting my new fawwwkin oaks I just bought.

And Thanks Kevin Saunderson for instantly making the listener feel like he or she is tripping their ballz off in a matter of seconds! See you at the Rave Turkey Party!

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